• Delegate duties to fellow officers and supervise their progress
  • Manage all activities that the organization participates in
  • Provide a link between the organization and school officials
  • Provide a relationship between the Gamma Zeta Chapter and the National Organization
  • Strategically plan and address unaccomplished tasks and activities in need of improvement

Vice President of Programming

  • Schedule professional meetings
  • Network with industry professionals
  • Collaborate with the other Registered Student Organizations

Vice President of Membership/Reporter

  • Keep track of all members/candidates who have paid their dues
  • Take attendance at each meeting and keep records of all activities within Beta Alpha Psi
  • Maintain an up-to-date record of each member/candidate and their status regarding required activities to determine who has fulfilled the requirements for active membership
  • Regularly update the lists of members and candidates
  • Reporting membership and current activities to BAP’s Executive Office, via the Reporting Intranet
  • Communicate current service and attendance status of the Gamma Zeta Chapter to the faculty advisor and fellow members/candidates


  • Depositing money into BAP’s bank account when necessary
  • Recording minutes at the stated officer meetings of important decisions and professional meetings
  • Sending thank-you cards when appropriate
  • Ordering and paying for food during professional and social activities


  • Reconciling the chapter’s bank statements
  • Maintaining financial records and backup data
  • Submitting weekly reports of BAP’s financial position at the weekly officer meetings

Tutoring Chair

  • Attend all scheduled tutoring dates; if certain members/candidates are unavailable to tutor, arrange an alternate tutoring session for them
  • Take attendance for all sessions and bring the solutions manuals
  • Link students who need extra help with those students who need to complete extra tutoring hours
  • Enlist members/candidates to fulfill their tutoring requirements

VITA Coordinator/Co-VITA Coordinator

  • Set-up site scheduling and training
  • Order materials and software
  • Acquire computers and other necessary equipment
  • Oversee volunteers
  • Report activity, volunteer certification, etc. to the IRS
  • Recruit volunteers
  • Put site information in papers
  • E-file returns and check acknowledgements after correcting any rejected returns
  • Mail forms to the IRS
  • Evaluate sites and assist new VITA Coordinators in preparation for the position

Public Relations/Social Chair

  • Promoting and advertising BAP and its events
  • Making and distributing flyers for events such as tutoring, VITA, community service, etc.
  • Create BAP advertisement for Rehn Hall plasma screen
  • Helping organize community service activities

BLC Representative

  • Attend all weekly Business Leadership Council meetings
  • Coordinate the flow of information between the BLC and Beta Alpha Psi
  • Inform BAP Officers of BLC events and activities

IT Chair

  • Update current status of each member/candidate on the chapter website
  • Maintain website so all of the information is current