President: Lexie Lingle
Vice President, Events: Dillon Banach
Vice President, Service: Olivia Capel
Secretary: Ben Morgan
Treasurer: Ananna Ghosh
BLC Rep.: Isabella Kieffer
VITA Chairs: Dillon Banach and Ananna Ghosh
Social Media Chair: Emily Biesterfeld

Lexie Lingle, President; 1) Senior graduating spring 2025, 2) Tax intern at KEB spring 2024, HORNE intern summer 2024, 3) I joined BAP to grow my connections with profssionals. Now I enjoy helping other members network.
Dillon Banach, VP of Events; 1) Senior graduating spring 2024, 2) Interned in Tax/Audit at Kemper this past summer, 3) I joined BAP to connect with like minded individuals and grow my network. My favorite part is our events to connect with professionals and help the community.
Olivia Capel, VP of Services
Ben Morgan, Secretary; 1) Junior graduating spring 2025, 2) Member of Deloitte National Tax Competition Champion team, 3) I joined BAP beacause I love the opportunites of talking with professionals in select industries of interest.
Ananna Ghosh, Treasurer; 1) M.Acc. graduating summer 2024, 2) interned with BrandSafway and Graudate Assistant for the SoA, 3) I joined BAP to develop my professional network and work for the community.
Isabella Kieffer, BLC Representative; 1) senior graduating spring 2024, 2) interned with BOO over the summer, 3) I joined BAP because it is a great community of people who love pushing each other to succeed in all our endeavors.
Emily Biesterfeld, Social Media Chair; 1) Senoir graduating spring 2024, 2) Anders Tax intern spring 2024, 3) I joined BAP to network with professionals and to be a part of an organization that focuses on developing leadership and community.