About the GSIF

The Graduate Student Investment Fund (GSIF) exists to provide SIU Carbondale graduate students with real-world portfolio management and security analysis experience, a deeper understanding of financial markets, economics, financial theories, and trading practices, and enriched teaching and learning opportunities. As such, the GSIF is modeled after a real investment management firm. GSIF students adhere to an investment philosophy as they implement a specific investment process as they make the best possible investment decisions on behalf of their primary client, the SIU Foundation. The GSIF’s investment philosophy is to capitalize on opportunities through focused research. The GSIF’s competitive advantage is students’ unique and unbiased perspective and their ability to spot trends in the markets, especially those that are perhaps driven by or favored by their generation.

In implementing the GSIF’s investment process, members work in teams that focus their research on companies within specific sectors, such as the technology, financial, or healthcare sector. Each team’s goal is to choose the companies within their sector that give the portfolio the best chance to outperform the midcap equity benchmark. This requires students to put their class lessons to work within a professional environment. Moreover, students learn to collaborate and to take responsibility for their analysis and decisions as they make the case for their investment ideas.

The GSIF is open to graduate students currently enrolled in any graduate degree program at Southern Illinois University Carbondale.