National Association of Black Accountants


NABA offers many varied activities. We are recognized for our dedication to hard work, community involvement and leadership. Please take a moment to review some of our activities listed below.

National Convention NABA hosts annually a national student job convention opened to all students members nationwide. The convention is held in summer. Visit our National chapter to learn more.

Regional Convention
NABA organizes annually in the Fall semester a regional students job conference. Visit our regional chapter to learn more. In the past, lot of students members obtained a job position at the conference.
Ernst&Young hosts a preconference for the students attending the central region conference. It helps them better prepare for the event.

Big 4 Visit
Each Spring, we organize a professional trip to visit the 4 biggest accounting firms. The purpose of the trip is to familiarize our students members with typical accounting firm workplaces.

Community Services
It is mandatory as a NABA student member to maintain 6 hours of community services each semester.

Fundraising Activities
We fundraise throughout the semester in order to attend our regional and national students job conference.

Professional meetings
We joint host a professional meeting every Tuesday with the other accounting student organizations. Professional meetings are the means to network with recruiters and professionals from various companies. They also help students prepare for their professional career