The Saluki Entrepreneur Corps is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate your leadership skills and become acquainted with practices in management and business structure.  We run our organization similar to a business where we have deadlines and each role has a responsibility. Below, you can meet our executive team and their responsibilities and learn how you join a committee and start gaining experience focused around entrepreneurship!

President IMG_1197_edited

Brandon Nolte has been the president since February of 2015 were he managed a crowdfunding campaign for a local business that the corps was responsibility for creating, launching, and maintaining.  He has now set his goals on restructuring the organization by re-branding the organization into recognized organization on campus through the help of its members and executive team.

Public Relations Officeradmin-ajax

Reid Drewes has been the Public Relations Officer since February 2015 were he manages the image of the organization along with developing the social media presence that we have as an organization.  He works closely with several organizations on campus to also provide us with a connection valuable resources to develop the corps

Financial Officer10321812_1610015339232158_5289061717284064295_o

Jacob Linder has been the Financial Officer since February of 2015 were he runs a tight ship on the spending habits of Saluki Entrepreneur Corps.  Raido DJ and Announcer for WJBD Radio, Jacob adds a crucial point to the growing interests and sustainability of Saluki Entrepreneur Corps



New to the Fall of 2015, we will be forming committees that will enhance the quality of meetings and outside learning abilities that our members have the opportunity to attend.  Like any business, it requires a collaboration of members to come together and work hard to achieve a goal.

To learn more about joining, check out our Join Page