Discovering Your Customers

October 7, 2015
Dunn-Richmond Center

Every business starts with taking a product and seeing if it will sell to customers.  We are bringing in local experts and entrepreneurs to share how they validated their business by exploring the potential customers that will buy their product.  This isn’t a typical seminar, we have some great activities lined up to keep you on the edge of you seat and learn how to take your product from concept to launch.


October 7, 2015 at 6pm in the Dunn-Richmond Center Room 151.

Tom Harness, Owner of Harness Digital Marketing and SIU Alumni '01 and '09 will be speaking about how you can use social media to discover the consumers that will buy your product! Its essential in every product development stage to understand the value that the customer brings. You are developing a product for them, not you so you shouldn't you use them to help build the perfect product?

Discovering Your Customers is a part of the Saluki Innovation Series and is presented with collaboration of SIU Office of Economic Development, College of Business RSO Saluki Entrepreneur Corps, and Student Innovation Incubator Saluki Ventures.

This event is open SIU Students, Faculty, and Staff

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