Real Money. Real Experience.

Established in June 2000, the Saluki Student Investment Fund (SSIF) exists to provide SIU undergraduate students with hands-on experience in portfolio management and investment research. In order to enhance the academic experience of the students, the SSIF is structured to operate just as a real investment management firm would. Just as investment management firms act on behalf of their clients, SSIF students are focused on making the best investment decisions possible on behalf of their primary client, the SIU Foundation.

In order to manage the SIU Foundation’s portfolio, the SSIF has adopted an investing philosophy, a well-defined organizational strategy, and operating policies. The SSIF is divided into several market sectors teams, typically with one sector leader and 2-5 sector analysts. Within these teams, students are assigned the responsibility of researching, valuating, and making decisions for their sectors. Often, sector analysts are rotated between sectors to provide students with experience in several market sectors. A more in-depth explanation of the SSIF’s philosophy and organization can be found above under the ‘How the SSIF Invests’ tab.

As of March 1, 2023, the SSIF had $3.8 million in assets under management. Of that amount, approximately $3.6 million is managed on behalf of their primary client, the SIU Foundation. The rest is managed in the COBA portfolio, which was generously donated by SIU alums Carol and Omar Winter.

For more information on the performance and condition of the Saluki Student Investment Firm, please explore our Newsletters and Annual Reports under our Documents tab.